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Welcome To Sisters3Farm

Our Gourmet Hardneck Garlics

 Chesnok Red, German Red, Persian Star, Armenian, Georgian Fire, Music, and Majestic    

Storing Tips

Cool, dark, dry well-ventilated area. Ideal conditions for long storage would be 60-65 degrees F. Moderate humidity with good air circulation.  

Our Process

We believe in growing our garlic simple and naturally, without the use of any pesticides or herbicides in any part of the process.  We use only compost, green manure, and organic fertilizers for our plants.

Visit Us

W1408 County Rd KK, Alma WI. 54610

By appointment only. You can contact us through the website or messenger. We would love to see you!

Sisters 3 Farm

Garlic Harvest Time

Grandpa Ken & Emma

About Our Garlic Farm

Our 2nd  generation family farm is nestled in amongst the rolling hills of beautiful Buffalo county Wisconsin and just minutes from the mighty Mississippi River.  Here we raise seven different varieties of gourmet garlic- Armenian, German red, Georgian fire, Majestic, Persian Star, Chesnok Red, and Music, each bringing something unique to your taste buds. Here at Sisters3farm, we strive to bring to you the customer the very best possible product.  We believe strongly in only using natural sustainable practices.  So much so that each bulb of garlic has been hand planted, harvested, trimmed, cleaned, and packaged just for you.  We hope you enjoy our garlic as much as we enjoy growing it for you.

Garlic Varieties

To Our Customers,
We have closed our Shop for the year but hope you will stop by our website again next year and enjoy 
some delicious Wisconsin garlic!

Thank You for another successful year!

Variety Packs

Both our Large and small variety packs have been sold out for the season but, look for them next year as they are a great way to taste test our varieties and to enjoy some Wisconsin garlic. 


Available Mid-June
Garlic Scapes

The tender flower stem – available mid-June. We prefer local pickup only as the scapes require refrigeration once harvested to maintain their storage life of 2-3 months. They freeze well too!

What Customers Are Saying

“This is not your average grocery store garlic…. it’s the secret ingredient to take any dish to the next level. The flavor of this garlic is unmatched. I have used it in all my cooking from marinades for fresh Florida fish to my Italian family recipes, it just makes everything better.” Michael E.

“Garlic scapes are my “new” favorite spice! I add it to almost every dish. Ex: Omelets,egg salad and meatloaf. I can’t believe the smooth and tasty flavor it has added to my dishes. I couldn’t imagine not cooking with garlic or scapes.” Joy P.

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